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Network Security Consultancy London

No matter the size of your business, you handle sensitive data all day, every day. From customer contact information to payment details and employee’s personal information, you have a moral and legal responsibility to protect any data you hold. Then there’s business information to protect.

In the wrong hands, data can be dangerous. It can be misused for fraud like phishing scams and identity theft and data breaches can breach confidentiality. Any data leaks can leave your business facing legal ramifications, operational disruptions, huge financial losses, and serious reputational damage.

That’s why your business needs effective network security solutions.

Here at Galactic IT, system security is at the core of what we do. We deploy safe digital solutions to ensure your data is protected and your systems are 100% airtight. This includes perimeter firewalls, IDS/IPS, wireless authentication, web proxies, email security, network hardening and anti-virus software.

We assess your organisation’s network security and take every step to ensure your IT security stays safe and sound at all times.

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As well as being competent and knowledgeable, they are reliable and personable

Galactic have provide a broad range of services to our organisation across nearly a decade, all of which have been to the highest standards

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As a business, you need total confidence in the security of your systems and complete assurance that your business, employee and customer data is protected. You need an effective IT security solution from a provider that you trust.

With years of experience in network security solutions, Galactic IT uses the most advanced technology available to enhance the safety of your systems. We’re experts at protecting against data breaches, cyber-attacks and ransomware. We make sure you have complete confidence in the security of your systems and your data so that you can focus on the smooth running of your business.

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