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Managed email security London specialists GalacticIT explains the most common email attacks and how to secure your business from them.

Email is so widely used, we can’t live without it. It has become an integral part of day to day life, and one of the most common standards used for communication in most businesses.  

However, there are a multitude of security vulnerabilities and potential attacks associated with using email in an insecure way, all of which can potentially cripple your business. 

In this article, managed email security London firm – GalacticIT – details the business risks, common email security threats, and solutions to secure email in a modern and technologically diverse world.

With a now physically distributed workforce, following the pandemic, we have shifted our working patterns to a more hybrid methodology of remote and office based workers. 

Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure our email communications are secured and that our workforce is educated on the risks associated with using email insecurely, because the risks are very real.

“From 2020 until the end of 2022, approximately 88% of the cyberattacks were launched exclusively via Email”

In May 2021, US oil giant Colonial Pipeline suffered a devastating ransomware attack, costing the business just under an estimated £ 3 billion and exposing thousands of Americans’ data to the attackers, severely damaging confidence in the company. 

The identified vulnerability was that an employee unwittingly disclosed their login credentials following receipt of a phishing email, enabling the attacker to gain access to thousands of private records, indicating that the business did not have adequate security procedures in place to mitigate this. 

Clearly, the risks can be extremely high for businesses that do not adopt watertight email security and those that do not educate their staff on how to potentially avoid these outcomes.

It is not all doom and gloom, however, as there are a number of ways that businesses can prevent most of these attacks from occurring, protecting your organisation from the associated dangers.

This article aims to shed light on the common attacks and vulnerabilities encountered when using email, educating staff members and managers on how to improve their business email security.

Types of Email Attacks That Can Destroy A Business


This is a form of social engineering and the most common vulnerability, where attackers deceive staff members with carefully crafted and convincing emails sent to them, enticing the recipient to provide sensitive information – whether that be login credentials, credit card details, vital business intelligence, or whatever else the criminal wishes to obtain illegally. 

This kind of attack is so common that in 2022 it was estimated in one study, that on average, at least one person clicked a malicious phishing email link in around 86% of organisations.


In this type of common attack, email data is modified by the attacker to make it appear as if they are a genuine contact of the recipient.  They may, for example, deceive a recipient into believing the attack is a colleague or manager and then attempt to extract private information or money. 

Attacks such as these can be convincing, as the attacker typically attempts to change the look of the email address the message is sent from, as well as the display name, making it look very genuine and convincing.

This type of attack can be easily mitigated with the right security processes and tools.


Convincing emails can be crafted that contain links that will download a vicious form of malware known as Ransomware. 

This kind of attack ends in files and available directories including shared network drives on the staff member’s computer becoming ‘encrypted’ or ‘scrambled’ in such a way that they are locked for access, and only the attacker can unlock or decrypt them. 

The attacker will then typically demand a ransom to be paid in cryptocurrency in exchange for unlocking the files.

Ransomware can be devastating for a business, as often, the hard work of the company stored within their file systems is unrecoverable after this kind of attack unless they pay a hefty ransom, without any guarantee the attacker will unlock the files.

Lock on computer

Chain Mail

Often used in conjunction with spoofing, a chain mail (popularly known as chain letter) involves the attacker sending emails to staff which encourage that they copy in others within the chain and click malicious links or share private data, such as bank details or business intelligence.

Attackers can gain access to one or more email accounts within an already existing chain and engineer their malicious outcome by encouraging staff members to part with private data or click high risk links that may download malware. 

All of these attacks can be easily prevented in most circumstances, and GalacticIT has the expertise, tools and skills to help secure your business from experiencing their damaging effects.

Managed Email Security London: GalacticIT

Email security London

At GalacticIT, we believe in performing smart work more than hard work, utilising the most up-to-date technologies that enable your business to be more secure, robust, and ready for any challenge.

To keep your email security watertight, we offer an advanced cloud-based email security system that can block and report on the vast majority of email attacks that might otherwise cripple your business.

This industry-leading system for email security can be implemented by GalacticIT at pace, is easily maintained and administrators or managers within your business can be trained to use its easy-to-navigate application with little technical know-how required.

  • We will set up and configure your email security system with quick turnaround times and train relevant staff on how to manage and monitor email security threats with a low learning curve requirement, enabling you to get on with what matters most.
  • With low maintenance requirements and affordable costs for most businesses, we promise an industry-leading standard in email security within a short time frame.
  • The system we use has a visually appealing user dashboard and interface, enabling managers and relevant staff given access to the system to obtain a high-level overview of their business email security at a glance.
  • We will be with you every step of the way and can provide ongoing support and consultation to ensure you maximise your new watertight email security platform.

Summary: All businesses can benefit from securing their email communications

The consequences of email attacks can be extremely damaging for any business of any size, both financially and reputationally. 

Many businesses tend not to invest appropriately in their email security and only do so when it is too late, often after an attack has had a devastating impact – where large amounts of money can be lost or a long-standing reputation can be tarnished. 

With expert advice, consultation, and support from GalacticIT – your business will be protected from the vast majority of attacks, enabling your workforce to continue their communications knowing that they have a robust safety net securing their communications, with support from an IT security expert.

Get in touch with GalacticIT today to learn more about our expertise in IT security services and obtain a free security health check of your business for a more resilient, robust, and secure future.

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