Why use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

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Changing Business Communications Channels:
Microsoft Teams leading the way

Over two years, massive changes have been made to the operations of workplaces, given the pandemic. Why use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

As the pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors, companies had to get creative about doing their business. This includes ensuring they have secured and proper communication channels for their employees and potential clients. This is one of the primary causes of the recent two-year rise in video conferencing hosting services.

Microsoft Teams is another innovator in the communications space. It has shown to be a fantastic tool to maintain communication throughout an entire firm and aid in managing day-to-day tasks. In this article, we will examine the idea of Direct Routing and how it permits users to place  and receive external telephone calls within Microsoft Teams. We will also discuss how Microsoft Teams Direct Routing benefits organisations and what things you require to get started.

Microsoft Teams direct routing

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

When the global workforce is distributed, remote and hybrid work environments are becoming the norm, communication systems within and outside organisations need to be modernised.

Until a few years ago, workplaces worldwide made use of a physical Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems using physical handsets which would be installed in the office.

This did not allow any flexibility to make or receive calls on your mobile using your business assigned number. Hence, the traditional method of business communication seems redundant now, considering the rapid rate of digitalisation.

Additionally, the requirements and demands of modern workplaces have changed throughout the pandemic. As employees are forced to work from home, setting up a physical handset at every employee’s house creates a larger capital cost and increases operational complexity without providing any flexibility.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing: Benefits and Why you should consider using it?

This is where cloud telephony comes into the picture. Instead of setting up physical handsets at every work location, a firm wants to place its calls, cloud telephony systems turn them digital. With cloud telephony, calls are routed through several switches to establish a connection after being forwarded to a cloud hosted PBX.

When adjustments are required, it is simple to configure these routes in a few minutes as opposed to working with actual wires. In addition, cloud telephony improves accessibility for internal communication as well as business communication.

With this technology, users may easily make and receive calls from almost any device that has access to the Internet.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing uses the cloud telephony system to enhance the business communications experience. Users of Microsoft Teams can connect to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) thanks to Direct Routing to make and receive phone calls from outside parties on any Teams-enabled device.

This device could be a computer system, mobile phone, tablet etc., as long as it has access to the Internet. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing works as a business telephony system that turns traditional in-house PBX systems into cloud-based ones.

Considering that it can be easily accessed on any device at any location, it keeps up with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the workplace.

Direct Routing makes it easier for enterprises to host calls, irrespective of the number of participants on the call. Since the system uses cloud-based technology, organisations need not worry about installing complex and hard to maintain on-site PBX systems required to make calls. Instead, they can focus on more critical tasks, such as managing the operations of their business.

This system works great for organising and streamlining internal communications in a hybrid or remote work setup.

Why use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Direct Routing has been gaining mass popularity in the business world. The system’s simplicity and efficiency make it one of the main reasons why most businesses prefer it today. Here is a list of reasons why most organisations are choosing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and why you should too.

High scalability for Business Communication

The ability to scale business communications channels and make them accessible to every single employee in the firm is a blessing for any business, especially in a rapidly digitising work environment where most employees work remotely.

As Microsoft Teams operates digitally, users can quickly deploy the right internal communication tools to their employees regardless of location. They only need a good, stable, reliable internet connection to access Direct Routing.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that the pandemic has caused nearly most organisations worldwide to adopt a hybrid work setup, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing gives enterprises leverage over other companies in the market.

As the global workforce sees the influx of more remote workers, businesses must stay connected with their employees, irrespective of their geographical location. One of the most significant advantages of using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is that it is available wherever there is an Internet connection.

All one needs to access it is a stable internet connection. In addition, cloud-based technology makes it extremely easy to connect and communicate with remote workers across the globe in real-time.

This saves time, streamlines communication, and makes the process more efficient.

Better support and service

Businesses thrive when they have a great communication strategy in place.

This includes communications with both potential clients as well as internal communications. With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, users can access great support and service. Technicalities such as SLA (service level agreement) and uptime agreements are taken care of by the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provider.

This saves time for the user as they can focus their energies on more important matters. Microsoft Teams has an excellent track record for providing outstanding customer care and solutions to its vendors, making it a perfect option.

Access to more features

As mentioned before, real-time connectivity is crucial when living in this fast-paced work environment. It is essential that companies can communicate clearly with their employees, irrespective of where they are located.

A lack of proper communication channels can easily hamper the productivity and profitability of a business.

And this is precisely why Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is such a great tool. Not only do users stay connected with their workforce at all times, but they also gain access to features that they would not have when using traditional business telephony systems.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can provide a highly scalable and modern telephony system.

As a result, users can widen their global presence by accessing better-quality calling SLAs. In addition, this makes it easier to carry out inbound and outbound calls without a hitch. Some of the tools that Microsoft Teams Direct Routing comes equipped with are location-based call routing, call transferring, queues and auto-attendants, among many others. It also enables users to have access to advanced call statistics.

This is an excellent way for employees to gain insights about their time on calls and how to manage their communication, thereby enhancing their work productivity effectively.

Additionally, these features can be tailored to the organisation’s needs, as users can choose from different options.

This makes Microsoft Teams Direct Routing a much more cost-effective and flexible option than conventional business telephony services.

More flexibility

With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, enterprises can enjoy great flexibility. The system provides each user with a customised solution based on their communication strategy. This includes better built-in integrations and tools that can cater to a firm’s needs. Additionally, maintaining one’s security is essential in a constantly digitising world. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing comes with a range of privacy and security settings which ensure secure communication channels. One of the best features that make Microsoft Teams Direct Routing the most flexible is its cloud-based operations. Since it is a cloud-based system, users can operate it from any device and anywhere. This is a great way to enhance productivity, collaboration and communication among teams in a hybrid work setup.


Any business would want to know that the funds allocated for a particular operation are being utilised effectively.

With direct Routing, companies save money and receive the best quality service. Contrary to traditional telephony systems, it does not require any special hardware and does not require a significant initial investment.

Galactic IT MS Teams Directing Routing Plans are available in various pricing formats based on their features. This makes it simpler for the customer to select the strategy that best suits their needs and financial situation. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a great way to maintain the quality of calls whilst saving money.


In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to always stay connected and updated. This stands true for all businesses as well. Not having an effective and efficient communication system can seriously hamper an organisation’s revenue and workforce.

With Galactic IT Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service, most enterprises today can stay better connected with their employees, irrespective of where they are located. It is easy to set up and only requires a reliable and stable internet connection.

With Galactic IT, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is not only cost-effective but also comes with many features you might miss out on while using traditional telephony services. Lastly, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can connect you to anyone, anywhere across the globe, in real-time.

No external hardware is required since all the operations are cloud-based. So it saves you the hassle, time and money of worrying about the details of your business communication channels.

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